“I want to eat something yummy and be full”

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Note: First, obviously you still have to eat in a healthy way to lose weight and while you are losing weight. Just use this on those times where you get the urge to over-eat, emotionally eat, binge eat, or eat when you know it would be better if you don’t eat in order to lose weight. 

Thought: I want to eat something yummy and be full.

Is it true? I think so.

Can you absolutely know that it’s true? I think so, but it could just be a thought or belief.

How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought?

I feel tense and unsatisfied until I do eat something yummy and eat until I’m full. I can’t relax until I eat something yummy and become full. I usually go and eat something yummy until I feel full. But then I also feel angry, unhappy, stressed, and depressed, because it’s not leading towards what I really want, to be my dream weight. I then feel ashamed of myself, and focus on myself and not other people. I want to just be by myself, feeling miserable and depressed. 

Who would you be without the thought?

I’d be so happy. I am unstoppable in losing weight now!!! I am free and feel free!!! It’s like the biological part of me that is responsible for making me eat is gone! I feel like I could even go all day without eating, all the cravings and desire to eat is gone. I feel powerful. I feel I could quickly and easily reach my goal weight now. I’d be happier, I’d feel more confident, I’d be more focused on other people and socialize more. Food and the potential for yummy food wouldn’t affect me. I’d be happy and relaxed. The tenseness would be gone. The tenseness and drive to eat yummy food until I am full would be gone. 

Turn the thought around and find three, genuine, specific examples of each turnaround. 

I don’t want to eat something yummy and be full. Because/Evidence/How:

I know I don’t want to because I feel stressed, depressed, and bad about myself while eating it and after eating it. Because I want to lose weight and weigh my goal weight. Because it makes me happier and more relaxed to not eat something yummy and be full. I feel better if I don’t. Because I want to express who I am, which is not someone eating all the time and being a weight I don’t want to be. Because I want to have a healthy body and have a healthy future for my body. There are other things I would rather be doing.  Because eating something yummy until I am full creates a lot of mess and more washing up to do.  It’s bad for my teeth and I will have to brush my teeth more. 

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My thoughts:

“I want to eat something yummy and be full” sounds like such an innocent, believable thought. Who would question that? Everyone just assumes that it’s true. Which is why this thought is so dangerous and sabotaging for weight loss. You wouldn’t even THINK of questioning THIS thought. Yet this is the little devil that has been sabotaging my weight loss without me knowing it again, and again, and again. It only works when you believe it. You believe it’s true, that you want something that’s just a short walk away only in the kitchen. Naturally if you believe the thought you will feel tense and unsatisfied until you get what you think you want. However, upon questioning, amazingly, it appears this thought was only that, a thought, and not something true. The more correct thought is, “I don’t want to eat something yummy and be full” for many reasons. No wonder I feel so depressed, stressed, and bad about myself, when I believe the thought and follow what I think I want, eating something yummy until I’m full. I feel great after questioning this thought, like a lot of weight has been lifted, and yes, like weight loss is A LOT more easy now.

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